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Dear Diary, Kelsey tries to fit in with Holly and Becky in the photoset: Nympho New Girl. She shows off her sexual skill in attempt to get the girls to like her.

Dear Diary, Summer and Elisa are bored broads who are horny with a foot and shoe fetish in the new video: Kinky Hardcore Housewives. Summer invites Elisa over and tells her that shoe shopping is the only thing that gets her through her sham marriage and the two girls begin to sniff shoes together. They get off by rubbing the shoes all over their hard cocks, licking the heels of their shoes, then running their feet up and down each other's shaft. Elisa turns around and lets Summer fuck her from behind. Then she gets on her back and Summer stuff more of sausage into Elisa's snatch wile sucking on her toes. Summer jerks off and cums all over Elisa's cock as she gives her a foot job. Then Elisa lets her cum loose from her enormous dick all over the floor!

Dear Diary, Brenda gives you a show and jerks off for you in the new photoset: Cock Woman Wanking. She is a horny dickgirl that just loves squirting all over herself while you watch!

Dear Diary, Sarina shows you how slutty she can really be in the new video: Nympho Draining her Nuts. She knows you're watching her and it doesn't bother her at all. She knows that her cock is bigger and better than yours so she gives you a little pleasure by allowing you to watch her as she jerks herself off. Her nuts are full of cum and she just wants to empty it all over herself for your viewing pleasure.

Dear Diary, Jill Jackoften lives up to her name in the newest photo update: Jacking off with Jill. She pulls out her cock and tits and really goes to town on her own dong!

Holly & Abby give out sex advice in the new video: Sex Tutorial TV Show. On this installment, they talk about size differences amongst partners. Holly is considerably taller than Abby but they show their audience how they can make sex work between the two. They shove the other girl's cock down their throat in a 69 demo. Then they take turns mounting and tit fucking each other. Holly rides Abby's thick rod until her cock spews hot jizz everywhere. She give Abby a huge cum shower!

Dear Diary, Summer and Elisa show off their love for shoes, feet, and cock in the new photoset:
The two fine futa ladies jerk each other off and cum everywhere!

Dear Diary, are superficial hotties full of cum in the new video: Conceited Cock Queens. They walk in and start talking about how hot and amazing they both are. No one can compare to their cocks or their beauty. All this talk turns them on so they naturally start sucking on each other's cocks. Then, Becky hops on Pamela's penis and rides it like she's at an amusement park. She wraps her serpent dong around Pamela's extra thick choad and Pamela starts fucking it. Pamela then take her own ride on Becky's cock. Becky strokes her cock until she unloads tons of cum like a water fountain. Being a good friend, Becky helps Pamela release her giant cum wad.

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